Photo repetition layouts are showing up in droves all over the web. With access to so many digital images, it is curious why they have become so very popular. Lack of time may be a factor, but creative expression is most likely more probable. It’s just too fun to experiment artistically with a 12×12 empty canvas.

Concentration by Donna Gibson. Supplies and Journaling here.

The concept is super simple: pick a favorite image and repeat. How many times? As many as your heart desires. Mix it up by cropping the same image differently in each presentation, or with different color/editing effects on each.

Our Scrap.Templates and Scrap.Frames are quick starts for this genre of digital art.

Scrap.Templates 7 Scrap.Frames 1

Below is our team’s take on the subject (click on any thumbnail to open all in lightbox viewer). You can see layout details in our challenge gallery.

As always, feel free to participate with our challenges by linking to your page in the comments section or e-mailing us through our contact link at right.

Happy creating! Michelle


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