Visual Journaling

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Journaling begins in our visions and what we dream about. It can be in the form of documenting each detail, a sweet remembrance of something from our past, maybe even a fragrance that sparks a treasured memory.

Visual journaling is simply how you view and record anything that touches your heart. Walking in the woods, journal in hand, find a quiet place to sit and sketch the beautiful flower at your feet or if sketching does not come natural to you (as it does not for me), photograph it or etch it in your memory.

beth ervin. supplies here

Journals filled with these photos, sketches or memories not only help you interpret and become one with your surroundings, but present opportunities to learn and expand as an individual about your true passions. So anything that catches your eye or sparks your memory and imagination is fair game.

beth ervin. supplies here

Upon returning home from your discovery adventure, do a bit of research on the subject. Re-capture the energy you felt when your mind was triggered to journal, and then run with your journey into new, imaginative places. Some may find this a spiritual reflection and time of prayer. Creating is a way to give thanks for the beauty around challenge growth.

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I love the Nature’s Sketchbook Journals just as they are. Print them, cut them, bend them at the spine and use another journal (Journals 2 has wonderful book covers) to cover your journal page by simply adhering to the other side, they don’t need to be the exact size.

Decorate your covers, hole punch them, save them in a ring binder, or put them on the coffee table. However you choose to savor these memories…the sky is the limit!

See our tutorial on printing/binding a hybrid journal here.



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