Teen Triumphs & Tribulations

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When you begin scrapping the “almost grown up” years, it can be a difficult transition. As parents, we tend to scrap the cutesy stuff (and often from our point of view). But, as kids mature the tide turns…teens seek independence, live in pursuit of finding their own way, speak and act with an open mind, and embrace the adventurous path ahead.

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We have spent their lifetime sharing our values through our actions, words, and deeds. Our children have watched and listened and now they need to choose their own path and own their own belief system. They have been given unique talents, personalities, and dreams…and their lives have a unique purpose only they can fulfill.

beth ervin. supplies here

We can support this important part of their journey by sharing their words, rather than our own. Listen to your children with your heart and tackle even the tough times by scrapping them, not avoiding the tough subjects.

Maybe, like Rachel, they may even want to scrap a bit themselves. This often gives even more insight into their heart.

rachel shefveland. supplies here

Document the special traits and characteristics of your one-of-a-kind youth, remembering that only time and experience have taught US that the journey is just as important as the destination.


beth ervin. supplies here


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