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Creating hybrid books using our Nature’s Sketchbook Journals as the background opens up a whole world of altered art projects. It’s fun to use the journals on digital layouts, too, but printing them back and front allows you to bend them at their spine and use them as cards, coffee table eye candy, or whatever your creativity desires!

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You may not be a sketch artist or have the ability to paint, but that matters not! Just using your photos, patterned papers (re-sized on top of the journals), AlphaSets, and lots of digital elements is all you need to create spectacular art pieces to send as birthday cards, anniversary cards or whatever.

michelle shefveland. supplies here

Simply create your finished inside journal like any other scrapbook page then do the same with the cover. Save each in layered format so you can edit in the future. Print them on your 8.5×11 cardstock or matter photo paper. If you use the same journal you can flip the paper around and print on the backside, too.

beth ervin. supplies here

Now trim the journal and, voila, you have a foldable booklet with a front and inside already done! Fill with as many pages as you desire.

beth ervin. supplies here

Here are some sites I love to visit to get my mind flowing with journal inspiration. Some will link you to other inspirational journal sites too.

Artsortments by Karen Cole

Faerie Journals

Stickers and Donuts

Danny Gregory

Happy Creating! Beth


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