How-to: Digital ‘die-cut’ Title

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How about another quick how-to?! When I was creating this page with our new papers and Click.Masks, I wanted a speedy, yet creative title. Hmmm…a ‘die-cut’ chunky title cut out of the paper with an off-set border sounded fun (and cheaper than the paper cut replica!)

Here’s how in Photoshop Elements. Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro would be almost identical.

fyi…yes, as the layout shows I just got a Lensbaby 3G Control Freak lens. You can see some of my first captures on my photography site here. Too fun!

  1. Open Photoshop Elements
  2. Open paper
  3. Open Click.Masks 2
  4. Open photos
  5. Drag photos and Click.Masks onto paper
  6. Position photos above corresponding Click.Mask in layer palette.
  7. Choose Layer>Group with Previous (Ctrl-G or Cmd-G on a Mac) to clip photo to mask.
  8. Repeat step 7 for each photo. Image below shows layer palette of photos and Click.Masks.
  9. Add desired elements
  10. Select Type Tool.
  11. Choose chunky font for fun title. I used MTF Pork Chop.
  12. Set type color to accent paper. I used color picker to pick up a green in the photos.
  13. Type title in desired location on page.
  14. Select title layer in layer palette. Select title shape by pressing Ctrl-Click (Cmd-Click on Mac) on type thumbnail in layer palette. Should have dancing ants around the title shape.
  15. Select paper layer in layer palette. Copy/Paste the shape selection with Ctrl-J shortcut (Cmd-J on a Mac).
  16. Select the new die-cut title layer right above the paper.
  17. Move die-cut shape to top layer by pressing Layer>Arrange>Bring to Front (Shift-Ctrl-J, Shift-Cmd-J on a Mac).
  18. Using arrow keys move this layer a tad to the left and top.
  19. Done!

Keep learning! Michelle


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