Hooked on Reading {ideas}

rachel shefveland. storybook reverie, click.masks 8, stitchies 5

It is a great gift to pass on a love of reading to your children, especially in today’s world of instant information. We’ve recently released a vintage storybook kit, Storybook Reverie, and our team has shared some of their passions with us.

beth ervin. storybook reverie

Ideas for capturing images of your favorite reads:

  • Shoot an image of your bookshelf
  • Stack favorite books on a bedside table and shoot down at that level michelle shefveland. storybook reverie, click.masks 8
  • Spread your books on a coffee table and shoot from above
  • Catch your child reading in their favorite place as Patti did of her granddaughter! patti senter. storybook reverie, scrap.frames 9

With digital products you can also make fun reading accessories. Creative Team member, Erica Nunez, is a queen of hybrid bookmarks and shares these fun ideas with you!

erica nunez

erica nunez

More fun creations below. See layout credits and details in our team gallery here.


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