On the Go {photo shoot tips}

michelle shefveland. simply friendship, click.masks 15

Photographing babes is one of my most happy places! These are from a recent shoot of a little guy just learning to crawl. I wanted to capture the excitement of this momentous occasion, while also giving the sensation of movement. Note…click on images to enlarge.

michelle shefveland. simply friendship

A few tips when photographing little ones on the go:

  • Shoot from all different angles, capturing their different positions
  • If using natural light as I did, set your ISO high enough to get crisp focus with a moving subject (I often shoot AV mode almost wide open aiming for a shutter speed of at least 1/80 to have good focus)
  • Have their little legs moving out of the frame to show they are scooting away!
  • Shoot some landscape and some portrait
  • Move around and get some wide angle shots and some close-ups
  • Shoot by a window and try to have babe’s eyes facing window to capture best catchlights
  • OR have someone hold a reflector bouncing soft natural light into their eyes (my favorite natural light tool!)
  • Have someone other than you talking to them to get them to look up and smile
  • Share the progression of images in a photo story as I did above or in a digital layout
  • You don’t need an expensive lens or even DSLR to shoot gorgeous portraits…just awesome light, good composition, and knowledge of your camera and what is does best (and see below for how to enhance bokeh/depth of field with our Photo Art Blends 4)

FYI…to enhance softness, creamy tones, and luminosity these images were blended with our bokeh/textured Photo Art Blends 4, most set at Overlay blend mode masking out the little guy. Tutorial included with each set of Photo Art Blends.

Happy shooting! Michelle


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