Going Photo-less/Backup Tips {ideas}

Who says you have to have photos on your scrapbook layouts??? No one, of course, but it does seem to be implied. The team shares below how meaningful pages can be without them. I think my eyes naturally gravitate to photos, so when a page doesn’t have one, I stop and really read the journaling.

tonya regular. sunny skies, other supplies

For Tonya, this type of page was all too emotional as she lost a few months of images and video due to a hard drive failure. Often backing up, there was a lapse this year in her routine so her message to all is: backup your data regularly!!

Some backup tips:

  • We recommend for serious photographers and digital scrappers to invest in two external USB hard drives. These have become very reasonable in price. A 2 Terabyte drive from Seagate runs around $80.
  • Set your backup routine to run on one of them nightly, keeping the other one off-site (such as in a safety deposit box or in a safe at your parents’ home, etc).
  • Re-sync the off-site drive at least monthly.
  • Rather than backup software, we use Beyond Compare, a sophisticated Windows and Linux file synchronization system (not Mac compatible). Therefore, the files on both drives are usable and not compressed (making it easier for us to confirm all is backed up). This also allows the nightly routines to only touch files that have changed or have been added that day.
  • Often it takes one loss of precious memories to make backing up a priority; don’t wait for this to happen!

Now, back to our prettier topic!

Karen and Beth share some personal stories in these introspective pieces…

beth ervin. my week pak

karen wilhelm. sunny skies

Beth and Patti are the queens of card making and digital scrapbooking is an amazing tool for this hobby!

beth ervin. fly away pak

beth ervin. butterfly wings 2 pak

beth ervin. bumbly bees

patti senter. faint whispers, off beaten path 2 papers, paint it red

See layout details in our gallery here.

Come back for our next post sharing how Patti made her Dream collage!

Happy creating! Michelle


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