Vintage Photo Fall Centerpiece {get it printed no.14}

Hello! Back again to share a super easy and basically free autumn fall centerpiece idea, focusing on vintage photos.

We just celebrated my mom and dad’s 45th anniversary last weekend and have been collecting ideas for party decorating on Pinterest with Alyssa and Rachel since this summer. I had an idea of what I wanted to make for centerpieces, but never did find anything quite like it, so just went with what I was envisioning and they turned out pretty cool. We got lots of comments by family and friends, especially when they saw a photo of themselves! Here’s how easy they are to replicate…

  1. Collect dried twigs (I used birch as they have a nice sheen and don’t shed bark)
  2. Collect quart sized canning jars (ask around or collect at thrift shops or yard sales) for multiple small centerpieces or a tall vase for one large one
  3. Collect buttons or use your button stash
  4. Create printable photo sheets. In Photoshop Elements or image editor of choice, create an 8.5×11 sheet of small printable images (2×3 to 3×4), leaving a small border around each image for leaving a white trim edge (File>New>8.5×11 at 300 dpi, white background). I created two sheets of 10 images for 20 images total, using two images per centerpiece.
  5. Print sheets of images on card stock or photo paper
  6. Trim images (I used my rotary cutter and cutting mat)
  7. Using hole punch and twine or other cording, punch hole at top of image and make hanging tie
  8. Arrange layer of buttons in bottom of each canning jar
  9. Arrange twigs in each canning jar
  10. Hang photos from twigs
  11. Add any other accents you desire. Rachel had made some egg carton painted flowers on wire that we added for some pops of color.
  12. Place on alternate tables with other tables having fall centerpieces. We had 30 tables to decorate, so made 10 of these and used flowers for the other 20.
  13. Or, create one large centerpiece using a sheet or two of photos (about 10-20). When the party was over I combined everything to make the large arrangement at the beginning of this post. It will make a great conversation piece at Thanksgiving!

Here’s our party decorating Pinboard with lots of other DIY ideas. Did you know you can have boards with more than one contributor as we did here? Try it!

And Rachel’s fall-inspired home decor Pinboard…

If you’re not yet on Pinterest, request an invite from them here. See all of my Pinboards here.

Happy printing! Michelle


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