Art on a Budget {get it printed no.20}

With summer here in Minnesota, we changed up our wall art/home decor and added some seasonal photo art blends printed as 4x6s around the house…for less than $.20 each it’s a steal!

Here are some virtually free display ideas:

Tape makes a great temporary hanging method, allowing frequent changes …Washi Tape is even better!

photo art blends 5. art canvas by kelly rae roberts. large abstract painting by michelle shefveland

Or a little vintage shelf picked up at a yard sale…for this, I simply cropped a 12×12 collage to 4×6.

Another 12×12 photo art blend cropped to 4×6 and hung on a photo clothesline (at Alyssa’s apartment)…

photo art blends 3 (cropped), this is life 3 scrap.words

Old canning jars make pretty art vessels, shimmering in the light…

michelle shefveland. 16×20 art canvas printed by 44 sign company, photo art blends 4

A more extravagant (yet equally as frugal) piece is the stringed button hanger Rachel made me for my birthday. This is one of my favorite art pieces and super fun to rotate images! It just takes string, lots of buttons, a twig, some hanging clips, and patience to create!

michelle shefveland. photo art blends 2, this is life 4 scrap.words

michelle shefveland. photo art blends 4

See our fall version here.

See more Get it Printed ideas here.

And here are some of our Photo Art Blends to use in creating your budget wall art!

Happy printing! Michelle


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