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Rachel here with some creative journal ideas. When I was younger, probably middle-school age, I wrote daily in a little diary every night before I went to sleep. I’m sure the majority of what I wrote was pointless little kid silliness and such, but when I look back on it, I recall so many small moments of what life was like for the small-version of myself. Sketching ideas in my journal was another frequent activity. It is a fascinating experience and I wish I did it more often as I got older.

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I’m sure many of you had (or still have) similar journals or notebooks, but I find¬† today there is so much technology available to keep track of those same simple memories, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and especially digital scrapbooking that it almost makes diaries obsolete. So that is what our Nature’s Sketchbook Art Journals are for. With them you can “write in your diary” in a unique, realistic, and may I add beautiful digital journal. No more trying to remember to record the events of a birthday party or date as you are getting ready for bed, exhausted, and then continually putting it off (I am guilty as charged!). Above is a journal piece Mom has shared before, recalling memories of her photography trip to Molokai…and one of my earlier sketches.

Just releasing our 16th set, each set comes with five different digital collage journals. See all of our Nature’s Sketchbook Journals here.

There are so many more uses for these journals, too. Use them as backgrounds on their own, mats, art accents, layering pieces on your digital layout, or as part of an art journal or faithbook.

Here Beth expertly layers a journal from our newest set with other organic elements as she loves to do.

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Journaling can help ease grief, pain, and sadness. Here Mom uses it to journal feelings and photos about Grandma’s difficult breast cancer battle. In creating something pretty, Mom was able to feel gratitude, even while hurting.

michelle shefveland. details here

Below are additional ideas by our team in adding these great elements into your everyday layouts. Hope they spur your imagination as well!

Note: click on any image below to enlarge and open lightbox viewer.

Oh, and see a really awesome hybrid project how-to by Beth for printing your digital journal and making a book on our blog here.

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Happy creating! Rachel


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