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    Rocky Mountain High

    Journaling, bottom right:
    Graham recounts (in great detail) her Colorado trip during the 30-minute drive from the airport to our house

    Journaling, left side:
    "The last session was really good! The whole thing was pretty good. I would go back next year! Maybe.
    "So, we were hiking up this mountain. The trial was about a foot and a half wide, and it was snowy, and one side went straight down. I don't know why I didn't fall off. At one point I had to climb on my hands and knees to get to the top of the mountain.
    "Oh! I met a really friendly chipmunk! I liked him a lot!
    "Thanks for the credit card! I like it a lot, too! I used it to buy food, and stickers for my guitar, and a key chain that says, 'They didn't have your name.'
    "I did *not* like my horse. Her name was Dolly, and she hated me. She hates everybody in general. I sort of freaked out the first time I got on her, but I knew she'd sense I was freaking out, so I tried to act calm and normal. I wore one of my new pairs of capris, and it was really cold. It was the coldest day we had. And every time the horse trotted, my pants rode up. Soon it looked like I was wearing short shorts. A wrangler came by and said I must be cold and offered me his jacket. I didn't take it, but I did inform him why my pants were so short.
    "The first time I used my credit card was at the Memphis airport before we even got on the plane. I told the cashier woman I wanted to share a special moment with her: It was my first time to use my credit card and I was very excited! She was really nice, and she helped me and told me how to do it, but she didn't ask me to sign my name. I was pretty mad about that. I wanted to sign my name, because I had practiced my signature the night before.
    "When we rode the horses up the mountain, there were these steps that were logs, and the horses had to step over them. It was really cold and rainy and muddy. I tried to keep on the trail, but Dolly didn't like to step on rocks or mud.
    ”About halfway up the mountain our guide said almost every time they get to the top some horse has to go to the bathroom. Most of the horses went to the bathroom then, except Dolly did not. When we got to the top, the trail was about two inches wide, and on one side it was a sheer drop, straight down. I was really scared. Dolly still didn’t go to the bathroom; she just stopped and stood.
    “Then we had to go across this bridge on our horses. Dolly walked really close to the side of the trail and tried to scrape me off of her. That hurt because I was wearing the short shorts that had been my capris. And when she walked on the edge, I got hit in the face with all these branches. And when the guide wasn't looking, she took off!! I heard she always takes off when no one is looking. When she took off when I was on her, she tried to eat. I really do not like horses. I don't know why I wore those capris in the snow.
    "I played in a volleyball tournament, and I played tennis. I have decided I like the outdoors after all, and I want to take up a sport! I'm glad no one asked me what my sport is, because right now I really don't have one.
    "Oh! We had a worship band, and the guy who played the mandolin was really hot!! I even tried stalking him, but he didn't notice. He had an identical twin brother, but I didn't notice him at all.
    "When we went into town, there was this one store with the creepiest salesperson ever. He followed us around and suggested things to buy. I was glad to get out of there, but I did buy some stuff. And every time we climbed anything, we sang the Miley Cyrus song ‘The Climb’ really loud.
    "I only got lost twice. Once was on a mountain. We were all hiking together, and then three of us were not with the group anymore, but someone came and found us. The other time was last night and we couldn't find the place where we were having dinner, because we couldn't find the dirt path. They just said, 'Follow the dirt path.' They didn't tell us it was after the concrete road. Just last night I couldn't find the dinner place, and just this morning I was sitting on mountains. It's so weird. . .. Colorado is really cold.
    "Let me show you my new wallpaper on my phone! It's that chipmunk that came right up to us, and stood on his hind legs until we gave him a nut from our sack lunch. Every day the sack lunch always had a turkey sandwich in it. The chipmunk would take the nut and run away really fast to eat it. It was so cute! But gophers are *the* cutest animals on earth! We saw those, too, in Colorado.
    "Horseback riding is a really good ab workout. My stomach is still sore. And I've decided to take back the other pair of capris that I didn't wear. They're the same kind that became short shorts, but they're a different color."

    Products used, all from Cottage Arts:
    * Butterfly Wings 3 Pak with Alpha Set: bracket
    * Faint Whispers Page Pak: alpha for title
    * Garden Surprise Creative Curves
    * Garden Surprise Paper Pak: background papers
    * Scrap.Edges 10 Brushes & Overlays: LO edge

    Fonts: Arial, Attic

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