Using ScrapOver Twist Templates
with Adobe® Photoshop® Elements

(Adobe® Photoshop® would follow similar instructions)

What are ScrapOver Twist Templates?

A ScrapOver Twist Template is a tool to make your digital scrapping quicker and easier, while allowing you to focus on being creative.

Consisting only of black lines and shapes that you can use to insert your stash of digital papers and embellishments, ScrapOver Twists can be addictive and are totally re-useable! Think of them as a stained glass pattern and you are filling in between the leading lines. By using different Page or Paper Pak collections, or our themed CDs, you can achieve totally new looks! 

At right are some of our ScrapOver Twist Paks, available in our on-line shop.





How do I use ScrapOver Twist Templates?

  1. Using the templates with your image editor is fairly easy to learn for those familiar with basic image editing functions. To begin, check to see if your image editor has a selection tool, such as Photoshop/Photoshop Elements' Magic Wand Tool, as well as a Paste Into function (under Edit menu).

  2. Open your image editor (we are using Photoshop Elements, however, Photoshop would follow similar steps)

  3. Browse your system for your photos, digital page or paper paks (or CDs) you would like to use, and the ScrapOver Twist Template of your choice. Open them.

  4. Click on one of your open papers (or photos) in the Photo Bin (lower left of screen) that you want to place into the template..

  5. Choose Select>Select All and then Edit>Copy to copy the paper (or photo) onto the clipboard. You should see dancing ants around the paper.

  6. Select your ScrapOver Twist Template, click on the Magic Wand Tool and select inside a blank area (between the black lines) where you wish to paste the paper you have selected. Important: make sure the Contiguous box is checked in the upper tool options section. If there is an additional space you would like to fill with the paper, press the shift key while clicking on any additional space.

  7. Select Edit>Paste Into or Edit>Paste Into Selection to paste the paper into the opening.

  8. Using the Move Tool, you can move and resize your paper or photo to the desired placement. If needed, press Enter to commit operation.

  9. Clear the current selection by pressing Ctrl-D (Cmd+D for Mac) or Select>Deselect.

  10. Continue to repeat steps 3-9 using your papers and photos until the layout is filled to your liking.

  11. Personalize your layout with a title, journaling or additional embellishments. Be sure to pay close attention to the positioning of your layers in the layer palette.

  12. You can also make the black template itself resemble a variety of materials, such as metal or plastic, by applying a Layer Style effect to the template layer.

Get Creative

  1. Try rotating a ScrapOver Twist Template for an opposing page or a different layout. Try reversing horizontal or vertical for a different orientation.

  2. Place photos in every section for a montage layout.

  3. Convert the ScrapOver Twist Template to white instead of black for soft layouts. Do the same with the Grunge Overlays, if included.

  4. For a monochromatic, yet patterned page, flatten the layout when done and convert to black and white or colorize.

  5. Mix and match papers from different CDs or Page Paks for an eclectic page.

 Have fun and happy scrapping!

Sample Layouts using ScrapOver Twist Templates

Created with a ScrapOver Twist Template and chrome overlay from ScrapOver Twist Pak 4, papers/elements from our Fun & Fancy Free Page Pak, AlphaSet from Simply Memories CD, Star from Splish Splash Page Pak, and flourish from Rich Reflectives Page Pak.

Fairy dust created with AutoFX Mystical Lighting CD.



For this one, I added a Wow Chrome Layer Style to the black template (duplicate layer) before filling the original template with papers from our Simply School Days CD. Then just added fun elements and journaling.

Circle ScrapOver Twist Template from ScrapOver Twist Pak 1
Geography, Math, and Affirmations Papers, Scotch Tape, and Journaling Strips from Simply School Days CD - retired
Scrap.Words - School Days
Journaling Font: Eurofurence Light


My little niece loves to nibble on her toes! Used our ScrapOver Twist Templates (like Stained Glass Patterns) and filled with the papers from Peaches & Paisley Pak. These ScrapOver Twists also come with a soft, grunge black overlay (I changed color to white)

Curved ScrapOver Twist Template and Grunge Overlay (changed color from black to white) from ScrapOver Twist Pak 1
Peaches & Paisley Page Pak
Journaling Font: Feena Casual