How to Order & Download Simply Digital Downloads

(Using Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP -  Mac OS/Leopard would follow similar instructions - revised 08/05/14)

Simply Digital Downloads are high quality designer art downloads offered at the Cottage Arts' online shop. Each download product description on our shop contains a description of the components in the kit, number of files included, and size of the zipped download file. The files within a download are zipped (compressed and with a .zip file extension) into one file so they can be easily downloaded. Once downloaded they need to be extracted for you to work with them within your image editor (Adobe Photoshop/Elements, Corel PaintShop Pro, etc.).

Below are the basic steps for ordering, downloading, and unzipping the files for Windows operating systems. We also show you how to come back and re-download files if you didn't download them immediately on the Order Confirmation Page (our downloads are available for download immediately right on the Order Confirmation Page but can be re-downloaded in the future at any time).

If you are using Windows 8, 7, or Vista, and Mac IOS versions you should already have a built in zip/unzip utility. 

Note: Our downloads are both Mac and Windows compatible, and Mac has different extraction utilities which function similarly to our instructions below.

Order Process

To start the order process, click on our Shop link on our website to get to our online shop. Click on any Tab on the left side for the category of product you are interested in. Note we have our downloads in different categories: What's New, Simply $1, Commercial Use, Kits/Page Paks, Element Paks, Brushes/Masks, Autumn/Nature, Photography Tools, AlphaSets, Templates, Winter Holiday (or other seasonal categories), Calendars/Albums, and so on.

As shown above at the top blue bar is a Search function, which you can use to search for a specific product name or theme of product you are looking for. The site will then link you to any matches.

Our most used category is What's New, which lists all recent products, the most recent ones shown first. Click on What's New and you'll see thumbnails and prices of all recent products. Note also that we advertise sales on the top of this page and the On Sale page.

Once you see a product you like (Art{full} Spring Page Pak for example), click on the thumbnail to get to its product page. Important information, such as download size and pak contents are included on this page.  Click on the image to see an enlarged view of the download pak for a better idea of the detail of the art included, as well as see other views or layouts using the kit.

Choose the download you wish to purchase by clicking the Order Download button below the price. You can continue shopping and add as many download paks as desired for your order.

Checkout Process

When you add a product to your cart (Our Vacation Page Pak in example below) or click View Cart button at top of store you are brought to the Shopping Cart page. You can click Keep Shopping to add more items to cart. Or, you can start the checkout process.

Our site defaults to Downloadable shipping method as it is the only shipping method we offer.

At this page you can also enter any Coupon Code we may be offering at the time (free newsletter sign-up) or Gift Certificate you've been given. You can also add this code and set shipping method at next page.

Click the Checkout button to proceed to next step.

Customer Registration (*Optional)

If you have not registered at our store (or are not currently logged in), you will be presented with three options. These include shopping as a guest (no registration is required), signing in via an existing account or  registering for an new account.

Note: To keep track of order history, an account is needed.

If you click Use Guest Checkout, you will be presented with the Shipping & Payment screen (see next section on Shipping & Payment Methods).

Note: Account history cannot be tracked, nor customer information remembered for next order when checking out as a guest.

If you select Sign In & Check Out, you will be prompted to sign-in to the service you registered through previously. This will enable your order to be tracked in your account.

If you select Register & Check Out, you will be prompted to register with us using either your Yahoo, Google, or AOL accounts. If you do not have an account with any of these, you can create one using the links at the bottom of the window, and then return to register with us. Once you click one of the three options, the simple registration process will ask you login to the service you chose and link that account to CottageArts. You can then input your address information, click the register button, and you are done!

*As noted above, registration is optional.**


Payment Methods

Complete the Shipping and Billing Address sections and Payment Method sections on this page. For Billing Address, click Same as Shipping Address button, if the same.

Choose Payment method by clicking on Pay Using Credit Card button or Pay Using PayPal button. Note that we accept PayPal, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and Diner's Club payment options.

Scroll down to bottom of page and click Continue to pay with PayPal or go to next step.


Review your final order information, and click Send Order, if everything is correct.

If you choose to use PayPal as your payment method, the system will ask for your Paypal Email address and Password.  It will then ask you to review your information. Then there will be a Review Page from CottageArts. If correct, click the Send Order button.

Order Confirmation

An order confirmation page will appear, and next to your item(s) at top right, you should see a blue Download button.

Click on the Download button next to each item to download (download one at a time). Click Save button and choose path where to save downloads. We recommend creating a specific folder for your downloads.


NO BLUE Download Button?

If the Internet connection is interrupted, or you exit your Order Confirmation page before completing your download(s), you can go back to download again at any time in the future.

You can get to your Order Status page using the URL from your Order Confirmation email (your e-mail states, "You can always find out the current status of your order by going to: your order url). Check your spam if you did not receive this e-mail.

You can copy and paste this URL into your web browser if your e-mail made it a non-clickable link (at right you can see it is a blue clickable link...some e-mails make this non-clickable).


Yahoo Shopping is a highly secure system, so when you click the order status link, you need to do the following:

1. Verify who you are with your account number or PayPal e-mail address** in the field at the BOTTOM of the page

2. Click the Brown Apply button

3. See Blue Download buttons by items in order at top right of page

4. Click Blue Download buttons to download

 ** PayPal users: be sure to use your PayPal account e-mail address in this field which may be a different e-mail address than what you use now. Also, this field is case sensitive so enter your PayPal account exactly how you have it registered with PayPal.

Note: If paid by credit card, the field at the bottom will ask for account number, not your E-mail. You are not charged again, and Yahoo ECommerce is a SSL site.


Downloading Files

After clicking on the blue "Download" button, a File Download dialog appears. Click Save.


NO File Download dialog box?

This is most likely due to a pop-up blocker on your system not allowing pop-ups from our store. Please set your pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from

Now locate the directory/folder where you save all of your downloaded files, or make a new folder called CottageArts or DigitalDownloads (or your choice) under My Documents (for Windows users). 

Click Save.

NOTE: If the Internet connection is interrupted, you may return to the order confirmation page (the link in your order confirmation e-mail), validate who you are at the bottom of the screen, and then the blue Download button will re-appear for you to download again.  You will NOT be charged again to re-download. (See NO BLUE Download Button(s)? section above for more details). We recommend you first delete the incomplete download file and re-boot your system before trying to re-download.

Extracting Zip Files (unzipping)

Now locate the zip file that you just saved. In this example, the file we downloaded was named

Right-click on the Zip file, choose Open With>Compressed (zipped) Folders. Or simply double click on the zip file name.

Click Extract all files in the window that opens.

Click Next in Dialog, select folder to save to, click Next again. This will unzip the contents of the Zip file and place them in a new folder with the same name as the Zip.

Double-click on the folder titled CottageArtsOurVacationPak (or download pak you purchased, downloaded, and unzipped).


Click View>Thumbnails to see a thumbnail of the images in the product you purchased. If there are multiple folder of product, such as Embellishments and Papers in kit at right, double click on desired folder.

To start creating, right click on any image and choose Open with Image Editor you use. Or open image editor, choose File>Open and find this folder.

Have fun using our products!

For more information on how to use our products, see our tutorials page or our inspirational team blog.